Planet of the Apes

Two astronauts and a sympathetic chimp friend are fugitives in a future Earth dominated by a civilization of humanoid apes.

Duration: 47 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1974

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Planet of the Apes
"No description"
20 Sep 1974
"Burke and Virdon are faced with having to fight to the death when they are captured, and the Ape Prefect amuses himself by staging gladiator-style fights between the humans in his charge."
27 Sep 1974
"When they are buried alive, underground, in an ancient San Francisco subway station during an earthquake, Burke and General Urko are forced to work together. Above ground, Galen and Verdon ..."
04 Oct 1974
"When Galen hurts his leg and can't travel, Virdon and Burke seek refuge in a farm till their friend recovers. The farm is operated by a gruff but decent ape named Polar, his wife Zantes, ..."
11 Oct 1974
"Burke and Verdon discover a holographic message from scientists from their own time, which might help them find out what happened to their world, while they are exploring the ruins of a city."
18 Oct 1974
"While walking on an ocean beach with Galen, Virdon and Burke see a condemned man lashed to a raft in the water. They rescue him and carry him to a nearby cave but then an ape-on-patrol ..."
25 Oct 1974
"Galen risks his freedom, and life by contacting his old sweetheart, Kira, when Virdon is seriously injured. Kira is now a talented, and forward thinking, surgeon; and Galen shares with her ..."
01 Nov 1974
"Galen, Verdon and Burke befriend, Fauna, the blind ape daughter of a human friendly ape who was killed by a murderous band of vigilante apes, calling themselves 'dragoons.' Unaware that ..."
08 Nov 1974
"Virdon agrees to race a chimpanzee Prefect's horse against Urkos best horse, in exchange for a condemned boy's freedom. Urko has never lost a race, but of course, as Virdon finds out, Urko ..."
15 Nov 1974
"When Burke is captured by Urko's soldiers, he is forced to face two equally horrifying options: he can either be killed, outright, by Urko or he can be used in a brainwashing experiment, ..."
22 Nov 1974
"In an attempt to foil the plans of a tyrannical gorilla lieutenant, who is using bribery to replace the chimpanzee Prefect, and gain complete control over a human farming district; Galen, ..."
29 Nov 1974
"Virdon and Burke race to concoct a cure, to save villagers stricken with malaria, with the aid of an ape doctor. They must do this before Urko implements his own version of a cure, by burning down the entire village with everyone in it."
13 Dec 1974
"Virdon and Burke's only hope for survival is to convince, with Galen's help, their human captors to rebel against the apes, with whom this tribe of humans turns their fellow humans over to ..."
06 Dec 1974
"Unaware that a chimpanzee scientist plans to use the flying machine of an imprisoned man, whose life she spared, for her own deadly purpose; Virdon, Burke and Galen help the man to build a ..."