The Killing

Police detective Sarah Lund investigates difficult cases with personal and political consequences.
Season 1 - The Killing
07 Jan 2007
"Monday, November 3. Police detective Sarah Lund is about to leave her job in Copenhagen to move to Sweden. Troels Hartmann is gaining ground in his efforts to lead his party to power at ..."
14 Jan 2007
"Monday, November 3-Tuesday, November 4. Nanna's parents identify her body, and details of her sufferings are uncovered. Lund keeps postponing her departure, and tension arises between her ..."
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04 Feb 2007
"Thursday, November 6-Friday, November 7: Hartmann has won a new political ally, but is drawn into the murder case again when the police uncover new information which turns their suspicions ..."
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"No description"
11 Mar 2007
"Tuesday, November 11-Wednesday, November 12. Bengt leaves for Stockholm. Lund and Meyer are hindered in their investigation by a secretive boss, but Lund continues inquiries and is ..."
23 Sep 2007
"Sarah and Jan know who they are looking for but are puzzled by their superiors' reactions."
30 Sep 2007
"Sarah and Jan interrogate Troels, whose private information opens a new can of worms."
07 Oct 2007
"The spotlight of the police and media is now trained on Troels Hartmann, and he feels his political career is crumbling. Meanwhile strange things are going on at the town hall with fatal consequences."
"No description"
21 Oct 2007
"Sarah has walked into a life-threatening situation."
"No description"
04 Nov 2007
"18 & 19 November Lund and Meyer visit the defunct Merkur owners in pursuit with a link with Birk Larsen..."
"No description"
18 Nov 2007
"November 21. Leon is found hanged in the ship. Lund is taken off the case after Meyer's death and subjected to an internal investigation..."
25 Nov 2007
Season 2 - The Killing
27 Sep 2009
"Monday, November 14-Tuesday, November 15. Ten days after lawyer Anne Dragsholm was found dead at a WWII memorial, the police have her husband in custody for her murder. But the chief of ..."
04 Oct 2009
"Tuesday, November 15-Wednesday, November 16. Sarah Lund officially joins the investigation into the murders of Anne Dragsholm and soldier Allan Myg Poulsen, who was found butchered in a ..."
11 Oct 2009
"Wednesday, November 16-Thursday, November 17. While intelligence services insist that the investigation should focus on possible terrorism links, Raben's escape strengthens Lund's interest ..."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
08 Nov 2009
"Sunday, November 20-Monday, November 21. After finding the chaplain assaulted in his church Sarah Lund chases the offender, but ends up battered in an alley. She is brought back in charge ..."
15 Nov 2009
"Monday, November 21-Tuesday, November 22. Jens Peter Raben has been shot by Strange during an escalated situation where Raben seemed to recognize Strange. Raben survives, and Lund finally ..."
22 Nov 2009
"Tuesday, November 22-Wednesday, November 23. Thomas Buch has refused to resign and calls a party meeting to challenge the authority of the prime minister. He finds an unexpected ally in the..."
29 Nov 2009
"Thursday, November 24. Lund and Strange return from Afghanistan with their findings, though Brix has become convinced of the guilt of officer Bilal, who has run away with Louise Raben as ..."
Season 3 - The Killing
23 Sep 2012
"Body parts are found at Copenhagen dock only hours before a visit by the prime minister."
30 Sep 2012
"The police try to track down the kidnapper of Robert Zeuthen's daughter Emilie."
07 Oct 2012
"It becomes clear that Emilie Zeuthen's kidnapper will stop at nothing to recover his debt."
14 Oct 2012
"Another failed attempt to capture their man leaves Borch and Lund with a dilemma - should they obey the perpetrator's instructions or take action in spite of his directives, thereby risking Emilie's life?"
21 Oct 2012
"The kidnapper continues to insist that he's seeking to recover a debt. If Lund is to save Emilie's life, it will be up to her to find out what the debt is and how it should be repaid."
28 Oct 2012
"In Jutland, Borch and Lund make an eerie discovery and find themselves in danger."
04 Nov 2012
"A new element turns out to play a role of great significance in the investigation."
11 Nov 2012
"A suspect is taken in for examination as the police try to find out about the notebook."
18 Nov 2012
"Sarah Lund is held back in her attempts to make headway with the investigation."
25 Nov 2012
"It's election day and the Prime Minister has everything to gain but Emilie's fate remains uncertain."