Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp

Chronicles the outdoor fun, team activities, new friendships and the experience of being away from home for a new generation of kids at the popular Camp Waziyatah in Waterford, Maine.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp
"The girls of Pines 4 eagerly await the arrival of two new cabin mates as the boys of Pines 9 help Darryl bounce back after a disappointing swim test."
"The 4th of July at Wazi has the kids excited to take on new challenges. Vegas night tests friendships when Brynn decides to take a risk, dividing the cabin and testing friendships."
"The cabins have new counselors and the kids feast on tacos for breakfast. At the evening event, the kids have their fortunes read and the counselors are soaked in a dunk tank."
"There's a zombie breakout and the power of friendship is the only defense! The campers are tested in an epic game of tag. An underground candy trade has the camp buzzing."
"Tensions run high for the girls of Pines 4 after sleeping arrangements at the campout divides the girls. The boys' and girls' cabins prep comedy sketches for Wazi skit night."
"Color War breaks the whole camp into 4 teams for an epic, 2 day, non-stop competition. Everyone works hard for the win but only one team will stand victorious."
"The girls celebrate the end of Session 1 with a rolling competition, while some of the boys tackle their fears at the waterfront. All of Wazi comes together for a special campfire."
"Fun cabin-bonding activities kicks off the start of session two as new campers meet their counselors and cabin mates. The remaining first session kids navigate a new cabin dynamic."
"Damian's leadership lands him in cold water. Both cabins turn counselors into Superheroes, with limited resources and lots of imagination."
"It's camp fear(less) at Wazi. Lucy faces a 50ft climbing wall, blindfolded and one legged. A taco of terror scares no one and Halloween in summer is a night of fright."
"Andrew gets Doggy, Izzy gets Hare-y and Aaralyn gets grape-y for the final play of summer. The Untalent show highlights the bizarre talents of campers."