American Grit

Four teams of four regular Americans being lead by four military veterans compete in obstacles to see who has what it takes to have American Grit.

Genre: Reality

Actor: John Cena

Director: N/A

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - American Grit
Season 2 - American Grit
"17 new competitors head to Hampton Island, Ga., where the Cadre will be divide into two teams as the competition begins."
"The first team challenge arrives and the winning cadre leader selects three rival contestants to do battle in the individual elimination challenge, with one contestant going home."
"The cadre appoint team captains, who lead their teams in a boat race while their teammates are blindfolded. Later, one contestant makes a shocking revelation; host John Cena surprises one competitor with a heart-felt field trip; and three rival contestants face off in the elimination challenge."
"WWE(R) Superstar John Cena(TM) and The Cadre prepare the contestants for their next challenge that will test their teamwork, as they are tasked with a foot race in the muck, roped waist to waist. More important than speed, this challenge will test their ability to work together as a unit because the first team to cross the finish line still intact will be safe from elimination. The winning Cadre leader will then select three competitors from the losing teams to face off in this week's double elimination. With something to prove and a quarter of a million dollars at stake, they must either wipe their tears and step up or \"ring out\"."
"The week's challenge is all about love and priorities, testing each team's strategic skills as they have to choose which prize puzzle they will solve. Meanwhile, two contestants get closer to each other, making the elimination challenge that much more complicated."
"Contestants must race to an array of boxes and choose between helping themselves or helping their teams. While certain outcomes may be beneficial for some, others are worried about change, causing drama between both the contestants and the cadre. With a double elimination challenge ahead, everyone must be strategic, but doing so causes the claws to come out."
"After an upsetting elimination challenge, WWE(R) Superstar John Cena(R) and The Cadre agree that the contestants need some tough love and must improve upon their leadership skills. The challenge offers a surprising twist in that for the first time, the cadres will be competing for their team and the winning team's contestants will choose who enters elimination. Back at camp, tensions rise as some feel betrayed by gossip being spread and at the elimination challenge, both a contestant and a cadre's fate are at risk."
"Changes in game play increase the stakes, especially with a double elimination on the horizon."
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